Francie Frane – Dog Bounty Hunter Girlfriend Age, Wiki, Colorado, Bio


Francie Frane is a popular personality who has recently come into the limelight. She is actually known to be the new girlfriend of a famous actor named Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Dog the Bou ty Hunter had recently came into the media to reveal his new girlfriend. He didn’t describe everything about her but according to the way he spoke, it seems the couple is having a very good time together.

10 Facts about Francie Frane

Francie Frane is a popular personality who has recently come into the limelight because of her new boyfriend Dog the Bounty Hunter who is an American tv reality star and his real name is Daune lee Chapman.
Francie’s late husband Bob died because of cancer whereas her boyfriend also lost his wife Beth due to cancer.
Francie is 51 years old.
It is said that Francie has been dating Dog the Bounty Hunter for a couple of months.
She met her former boyfriend Dog the Bounty Hunter when her late husband was invited by Chapman for the yard work at his home in, Colorado.
When Chapman got the news of her husband they both started talking on the phone where they became each other’s helper to deal with the sadness as they both have lost their spouse.
All the close family and friends of Francie is happy for her as well as the kid of Chapman is also very fond of her and she respects them a lot.
Francie as well as her boyfriend are supposed to have a very romantic relationship and seem to be very happy with one other.
Dog the Bounty Hunter often described his girlfriend as very supportive. Francie Frane is a really supportive girlfriend and has kept Dog the Bounty Hunter very happy.
The couple is spending quality time together and has been spotted a few times in the media. It is predicted that the couple will remain happy forever.

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