Send An Emoji, GIF, Or Sticker In Teams – Office Support


Emoji, animated GIFs, and stickers are a great way to add some fun into your communications!

Send an emoji

To insert an emoji in a message, select Emoji beneath the box. Select the emoji you want from the emoji gallery, or do a keyword search at the top of the gallery to find something specific. Once you’ve inserted the emoji you want, select Send and you’re done.

Say more with a , , and more. To get to the full set of reactions, hover over a message and select the one you want. Then watch it appear in the upper-right corner of the message.

Send a GIF

To send an animated GIF in a message, just select GIF beneath the box. Use the search bar at the top of the window to look for something specific (like “cats playing piano”) or browse the collection of popular GIFs.

Send a meme or sticker

To send a meme or sticker in a chat or channel, select Sticker beneath the box. If you select Popular, you’ll see a collection of the most commonly used memes and stickers. Memes shows you the entire meme library, or you can browse different categories of stickers. After you find the one you want, add captions, select Done, and then Send .

Search for a meme or sticker

To search for a meme or sticker, select Sticker beneath the box. Once you’re inside the memes and stickers collection, select Popular. From there, you can enter a search term (like “Grumpy Cat” or “office”) into the box at the top to find memes and stickers matching that description.

Customize a meme or sticker

To customize a meme or sticker, select Sticker beneath the box, and pick the meme or sticker you want. Type the text you want into the caption boxes and select Done. Your new (hilarious) caption appears in the meme or sticker, and all you have to do is select Send .

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